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Has a 16 year old Brit shown us the future of web browsing?

16 year old brit genius: Nick D'Aloisio

16 year old brit genius: Nick D'Aloisio

Last week 16 year-old boy genius Nick D’Aloisio burst onto the tech scene with Summly, a mobile app which could set the standard for web browsing. Summly aims to offer users a simpler way to browse and search online by summarising content, making it easier to consume and ensuring that results are made more efficient and relevant.

We used to struggle to find decent, useful information online because there simply wasn’t enough of it  and/or it wasn’t easy to find, yet now there’s simply too much. Indeed, I remember when back in the day (1996 I think) for Christmas I got given a Yellow Pages type directory (it was an actual book with real paper pages) listing the addresses of all ‘the best’ websites. Then search got good, then Google came along and then it all got social. Content now finds us in abundance and it’s simply impossible to consume as much of it as we’d like. It’s this problem of information overload that Summly is hoping to solve. Rather than try and explain in detail how it works here’s a video which will make much more sense…

Amazingly, it can do this in any language and utilises highly specialised algorithms in its process. The new app is integrated into Mobile Safari and other applications through its application programming interface (API), allowing for widespread summarisation across a range of platforms.

Summly, recently received investment from Horizons Ventures, the technology venture firm which was also an early investor in Facebook, Spotify, Waze and Siri, the technology recently integrated into iOS by Apple. Not bad for a 16 year-old!

Have you tried Summly, what do you think? And do you think viewing web pages in summary form is the future?