Blue Rubicon the only PR agency nominated for Brand Republic Hall of Fame #brhof

Delighted to report that the place I call work/my epmployer, Blue Rubicon, have been shortlisted by Brand Republic for its Hall of Fame programme.  We’re in the Innovators category up against Mother, Dare, Fallon, Google, Facebook and Sky.

At the end of September, Brand Republic will induct the first 6 organisations into its Hall of Fame, in which it is seeking to shine a light on, what it says, are the leaders of the brand and marketing world over the last 10 years.  Blue Rubicon is the only PR agency to be shortlisted.

The Hall of Fame is broken down into three categories – leaders, brands and innovators.  We have been shortlisted in the innovators category up against Mother, Dare and Fallon from the agency world and, amazingly, Google, Facebook and Sky.

To vote (hint hint), all you have to do is go here, click on Innovators, click view first candidate (we are the first), click on vote for me, complete the gubbins then press submit

In case you’re wondering here’s a showreel showing some of our work:

Blue Rubicon Campaigns 2011 from Blue Rubicon on Vimeo.

Great creative or a step too far in the leveraging of human emotions? Thai Life Insurance Commercial [video]

So this advert is going somewhat viral. Have a look and see what you think. It’s highly evocative to say the least, but I find it too much. I’m not sure I feel comfortable with brands leveraging human emotions of sadness to this extent, I’d rather focus on positive messaging and the benefits of a brand as oppose to what consumers are missing out on without the given product/service. It’s clearly a powerful advert but part of me just doesn’t feel comfortable with it, it makes me feel cynical about the brand – that it’s being highly manipulative and disingenuous. I’m all for brands trying to be appear more human but this is too much for me….But what do you think?

Robin Wight: The Futures Bright, the Futures Social #LikeMinds

This speech by Robin Wight, President of the Engine Group, is from back in Spring 2010 at LikeMinds but I still absolutely love it.

Here Robin talks about advertising case studies, human evolution, sociology and why the future is necessarily social.

‪Decoded – Advertising campaign of Jay-Z's book with Bing Maps [video]‬‏

I’m not a big fan of Bing (perhaps I need to spend more time on it) but this campaign is great. I don’t need to write much as it’s all explained in the below video but the main point is that there was a 7% increase in Bing usage. Impressive stuff. The video talks about how the campaign was covered by major online influencers, but let’s not kid ourselves I’m sure you could film Jay-Z standing still in an empty car park in Slough (no offence intended) and get global coverage. Also, I’m sure there was a major PR strategy running alongside the social/digital execution. Nonetheless, fair play to Bing, I love this campaign and if the stats are to be believed it had a realy positive impact on the business. Hats off

*Thanks to my colleague Katy Borluvie for pointing this campaign out to me

Fiat’s road sign treasure hunt in Madrid

To promote the new Fiat Punto Evo Leo Burnett in Madrid built a mobile app that treats road signs like QR Codes. By capturing the signs with the app, users get information on various features of the Evo – e.g. a stop sign will tell the user all about the new breaking system.

In addition, Street Evo was also a game, hundreds of prizes were hidden in the traffic signs, the first ones to discover them won the prize. Fiat managed to create their largest ever outdoor campaign with over 1,000,000 traffic signs being spotted on week one.

The app also directed people to their nearest Fiat dealer via GPS which saw an 82% increase in test drives.