SwithCity: Great FREE addictive festive app

SwitchCity IconChristmas may be over but festivities continue and if you’re anything like me you’ll spending most of this holiday period drinking, eating and catching up with those all important iOS updates, games and apps you’ve been meaning to look at for the past six month. So in this spirit I present to you SwithCity, an iPhone game designed and coded by my friend Mat Ryer (under his new company name Little But Mighty Games), who I met whilst working on David Miliband’s Labour Leadership bid – we were in desperate need of a super coder and Mat came to the rescue.

More importantly though, SwithCity is Mat’s first game and for that reason alone I’d like to plug it. I respect anyone who designs and codes their own app, whilst also being very jealous of the necessary coding skills. However, it also turns out that SwitchCity is both fun and addictive. The game is simple, keep the switches turned ON for as long as possible. As switches short out, the city starts to lose power – but it slowly rebuilds provided all switches remain on. Meanwhile, there are a few special things to collect in the clouds, and a few nasty ones to help or hinder you while you keep the lights on in Switch City.

In Mat’s own words: “Switch City is our first ever app in the App Store, and it’s our first ever game as developers. We wanted to build a very simple (little), but highly addictive (mighty) game that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master… and with Game Center integration, we can’t wait to see some of the scores people can get.”

Have you tried SwithCity, if so what do you think?

Available in the App Store - get it now


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