Engagement on the Facebook walls of leading brands is down 22%

This is just a list summary of an article, entitled  Four Things Mark Zuckerberg Should Tell Every CMO, which appeared in AdAge. It’s one of the best articles I’ve read on social media in a while. It looks at data on 300 Facebook brand pages and paints a picture of the future, given today’s marketing practices on Facebook. Main points are:

    • If marketers don’t get better, they will fail to capture the value of social media marketing.
    • Engagement on the Facebook walls of leading brands is down 22%. Brands aren’t playing for the long term.
    • Not all 300 brands saw a decline. The winners included brands like Deutsch, Renault, Hermes, Lowe’s, and Chanel. These brands didn’t have the most fans, but day in and day out, they are performing magic in keeping their fan base engaged.
    • Local pages drive 36% better results. Global results are built one region at a time. Regional programs perform significantly better then global ones.
    • Global websites often performed worse then targeted local ones. Local marketers often showed little support for global programs.
    • CRM databases performed worse as they grew bigger and lost focus.
    • Talk to your fans six to seven times a week at relevant times.
    • Many brands drone on 10, 15, even 20 times a week.

So, what’s a global marketer to do?

  • Build a structure for scaling social marketing across your enterprise. This is a business exercise, not a marketing one.
  • Run your brand’s community management in-house and hire someone to do it right. Outsourcing your brand “voice” is not a viable long-term option.
  • Stop pretending you don’t have the budget for headcount — you likely spend millions on media.
  • You can spare some to maintain relationships with your best and most influential customers.
  • Task your agency to develop original creative content. Engaging videos, flash experiences work best.
  • Stop being so tactical, and quit treating Facebook like a promotional wastebasket.
  • Most importantly, know and understand your data.
  • Build a dashboard of KPI’s you care about. Assign goals and track your progress against industry benchmarks.

via Four Things Mark Zuckerberg Should Tell Every CMO | DigitalNext: A Blog on Emerging Media and Technology – Advertising Age.

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