Why I’m leaving Twitter and why I want your money

Tower 42

This picture makes me very scared

OK that headline is slightly (very) misleading. I’m going to be taking place in an event to raise money for Shelter, the homelessness charity, during which time I will not be tweeting. I’ve accepted the Shelter Vertical Rush challenge to race up the 920 steps (42 storeys) of Tower 42 in the City of London (formerly the Nat West Tower). However, what will be more impressive is that I will not be tweeting or be online at all for that matter for at least an hour. This in itself is quite a challenge for a web obsessive like me. So basically, I’d like you to sponsor me to run up a tower and be offline for at least an hour (the real difficult bit).

Here’s my Just Giving Page.

I’ve done the maths  and if all my 3,500 odd Twitter followers each sponsor me £1 I’ll raise £3,500 (that was hard going to work that out). However, as this is not likely to happen because I have a blog readership of around 7 people (on a good day) if you happen to read this and you are good person (guilt PR) please give me some money (hopefully more than £1) to help Shelter and give the internet a rest from my nonsense tweets and blog posts for at least an hour.



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