Will Aviva 'You Are the Big Picture' be the World’s Largest Facebook Gallery? #Avivabigpic


Today, Aviva (a client of comms agency Blue Rubicon client), launch their new global campaign, “You are the Big Picture”. It’s a global, 3 year project running in cities around the world, including: London, Paris, Warsaw, Singapore, Delhi and Mumbai.

It’s pretty unique – particularly as it’s one of the largest-scale campaigns by a financial services firm so far to use the Facebook platform, and  includes an interactive YouTube channel with live streaming from all the cities.

To get involved, through Facebook or the campaign hub, people can upload an image of themselves to a gallery for their chance to have their image projected on landmark building around the world.

Then, if selected for projection, you’ll be given a date and time so that you can either go down and see your picture on the building  for yourself, or watch it live on YouTube. This makes the project among the first on YouTube to make use of live streaming showing a live feed from 4 cities simultaneously. And because you’ll be able to view it via Facebook, it’s totally new for this platform as well.

Once you’ve uploaded your photo to the gallery, the system creates a custom video using your image, so that you see, say your eye being transported by a truck and your ear being air lifted in by helicopter – all on landmark buildings, and finally revealing your face on a building being admired and photographed by an adoring crowd.

It’s really quite cool….  check out the www.youarethebigpicture.com hub, or www.facebook.com/aviva

Aviva will donate £1 to Save the Children for each image donated.

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