Politics & Social Media – at mashup*'s Being-Social, 13th May 2010

London based social media expert - Gabrielle Laine-Peters

In our 3rd guest post Gabrielle Laine-Peters summarises the recent Politics & Social Media panel at mashup*‘s Being-Social event held on the 13th May, 2010 in London.

I’m no Dimbley… but

I was asked last week what qualified me to moderate a panel dealing with Social Media & Politics? I had to think about that one. My answer I work with Social Media & have always had an enthusiasm for politics (Not so much Politicians) simple & to the point. I hope that I’m clued-up enough to understand what’s going on & “woman in the street” enough to pull the “experts” up when they go off topic.

So what was it like wrangling a panel of 5 passionate & opinionated & surprisingly humorous guys at the Politics & Social Media – mashup*’s Being-Social, 13th May, 2010 conference? Informative, insightful & fun!

One ground rule – No promotion of your own party/blog/website. After a brief introduction of the panellists & an icebreaker question, we got straight to the audience questions. It was a well informed, engaged international audience. It is difficult to condense a 90 min interactive down to a few words but the things that stood out for me were:

  • Social Media makes it hard to hide! (Everyone has a mobile phone, most with camera & sound, many have video!)
  • Social Media amplifies the conversation
  • The Parties need more engagement in conversation, less broadcast old media style
  • Twitter seemed to dominate the conversation – Probably because of its  immediacy & use by journalists  & “celebrities”
  • Facebook is the “quite man” harnessing more local activists at ground level & forming groups
  • There is a dislocate between voters that have internet access & those who do not
  • There is a big difference between national & local use of Social Media
  • Mobile IS the tool of the future & all Parties should take note! – We still use the Reading system (paper electoral lists ticked off at the polling station) for getting voters out on the day. In the US they have “First Tuesday in November” – voter data updated in real time on hand held devices. When will we have our version here?

Take a look at the video or listen to the audio and see what you think – Has Politics entered the 21st Century at last?


Politics & Social Media – mashup*’s Being-Social 13th May, 2010 from Simon Grice on Vimeo.

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