Innovative Ikea Facebook Campaign Huge Success

Ikea, everyone’s favourite cheap thrills furniture store,  is creating a buzz on Facebook  for all the right reasons. A Facebook profile was created for store manager Gordon Gustavsson, whose photo album consisted of IKEA showrooms images. Facebook friends of Gustavsson were then informed that the first person to tag their name to any piece of furniture in any of the pictures could take the item home for free.

The brilliance of this campaign is in the fact that whenever anyone tagged themselves in the photos, all of their friends saw the photograph on their news stream and therefore found out about the campaign and Ikea’s new products. Users have since been asking Ikea to upload more and more pictures so they can get some more free stuff, and all the while Ikea gets loads of ongoing cheap advertising.

What this case study shows is that although u sing a social network to promote a product or brand is nothing new, the way Ikea used the tagging feature of Facebook shows that there are always new ways to be discovered and tested on how to leverage the power of social media. And best of all, campaigns like these are simply and inexpensive.

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