NHS iPhone app to stop binge drinking backfires….and so does my blog post!

So less than an hour ago I wrote about how the NHS released an iPhone to discourage drinking by tracking alcohol intake. However, I’ve just been forwarded an article by the Telegraph which explains how the app is in fact encouraging drinking! Apparently within days of the tracker being released it was being described on the internet as an “awesome game” and users were boasting about trying to beat their “top score”.

3 thoughts on “NHS iPhone app to stop binge drinking backfires….and so does my blog post!

  1. Alex

    There always will be users that will use app in ways developer han’t imagined. But i really doubt that this should be applied to majority of users.

    In fact, observing really change behaviour. At least this is what i experienced by taking part in beta program of DrinkControl app (http://drinkcontrolapp.com). Just by seeing my monthly expenses on alcohol forces me to change something. It may not mean that i drink much less i just spend less in pub and buy my beer and wine in a shop. And sometimes (at least once in a week) i decide to stay sober. Not a big deal but still i spent on drinks $76 less last month.

    1. Josh Feldberg Post author

      Alex thanks a lot for this. I’m going to try the app. I think you’re right, it might change behaviour of some people. However, I’ve got to say that I think unit tracking doesnt mean much as it’s not something that really tells me much about my health and/or money I’m wasting away

      1. Alex

        You are right. Money (at least that is how ir works for me) motivates more than abstract units even they are somehow health related.

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